About us

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Hoseaps company limited started as a sole proprietorship in 2014 and has fully now been established as a private limited company registered in Ghana. As a Ghanaian company, Hoseaps adheres to its  contractual undertakings and responsibilities of undertaking international trade.

Hoseaps is a marketing-oriented company specialized in trading worldwide. It has entered into a long term supply agreements with a number of producers – ISO approved and other recognized international standard certifications that provide a steady supply of competitive price, very high-quality products for a broad list of clients.

Hoseaps is a registered and paid up member of Ghana Export Promotion Authority’s list of companies in export. The company also has a close collaboration with Export Division of Trade and Agri-business of Ministry of Agriculture, Ghana.

Our Mission

To provide certified quality products to our customers regarding quality control procedures and long term contract planning, well time shipments and a transparent business approach.

Hoseaps Company Ltd, is founded on the following values;


We consider each entity involved in the business as the backbone of our organisation.


To delight our customers worldwide with superior and quality products and services.


We make sure we take responsibility for the trust and faith the customer has shown toward us.


We inspire our people to build strong sustainable relationships with stakeholders.

Our Membership, Supports and Certification

We have Export Registration, Phytosanitary, Ghana Standard Authority ISO & SGS.